Exploring Thailand (1st Part North)

We have been staying in Chiang Mai for 1 week, and visited differents places around the region like the White Temple in Chiang Rai, The Temples of Doi Inthanaon, the waterfalls of Mae Ya, plus many differents other intersting things in Chiang Mai, like Doi Suthep temple, the silver temple… […]

Identity and Name for DiveInRecords

Just finished the identity of the music label DiveIn Records, they comissioned me also on designing a pendant for their artists, a nice accessory to represent the label and crew during festivals for example.

Back to the roots

It  s been a long time whithout any blog post, I guess Facebook is taking to much place in the posts and publications.. And in our lives too ! It would be better to post here and share this to FB… Anyway, bad habits… Here are some pictures of Corsica, where […]

Leaf me alone

Back in NYC, first real promenade besides the crazy parties session i ve been running into… It feels so good to be in central park, i never saw it during fall time and it s very beutiful. It just feels good, a musician playing his tradional instruments, a lady ready […]

SF Burning Man 2015 post decompression time

It s been for years now that I usually make a stop in san francisco to spend some time to rest and decompress from that intense week spent in the Black Rock desert. This time we went for a little road trip in the Yosemite park with Remy Mati and […]

Art Miami Fair (NYC)

“Work of Banksy should not be in a fair, it belongs to the streets in my opinion.” Last week end I went to the famous Art Miami fair in nyc, pretty huge fair and tight curation, here are some art pieces you could have seen there. Artists included : Anne […]