In Search of the Unknown

New Digital comp I made for the label Dive In Records – Originally titled “In search of the Uknown” this creation will be the illustration for the DIR05 Ep “Binaural” by Audiosense, to be released very soon on Dive In records with also the remixes by Kanyar and Markus Volker
Original picture shot during a road trip in Switzerland last fall.

On a November afternoon, right before the sun set, we trekked through a ghostly fog on a deserted mountain in search of Lago Ritom. From pictures, I expected to see a beautiful lake with turquoise waters. However there was no sign of life, and the eerie fog covered everything, making it impossible to see the lake much less 50 ft ahead. Only a desolate bridge and a mysterious metal structure loomed in the distance.

The heavy fog made it impossible to see what lay on the other side, but we continued blindly on. On the other side of the bridge, was a scene that could have been on the cover of a Christmas card: white snow blanketed a sea of frosty trees and formed snow crystals that coated the forest floor. It was freezing cold but oh so beautiful.

My eyes applauded the spectral beauty of nature which was so pure and untouched. I was dwarfed by the size of the towering trees whose branches glittered with white crystals. It seemed as we were the first to discover this pristine winter wonderland.

The snow blanketed landscape was a far cry from what we expected to find at Lago Ritom. This unexpected adventure through the cold and floating mist took us to a frosty dreamworld that seemed to stand still against time.